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Holding Hands
Photo-related Illness and Precision Medicine by Experts (P-PRIME) clinic  
 Photogenodermatoses and Porphyrias

P-PPRIME is one and only multidisciplinary clinic for rare hereditary and acquired Sun Allergy Skin Conditions including Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Porphyrias in Thailand. To provide medical care excellence to our patients, we offer separate consultant specialist teams for each condition to ensure our best holistic care. These teams include XP team for both adults and children, Porphyria team etc.

Our service runs on Thursday afternoon only by appointment from an initial consultation at General Dermatology Clinic, 14th floor Phor Por Ror building, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok


Adult/ Children XPs 

As the condition can involve systematically, our patient will meet their relevant consultants altogether at one hospital visit for best holistic care at one stop.

X-Ray Results

Rothmund-Thomson syndrome

Detailed information will be available soon..


 Cutaneous porphyrias

Detailed information will be available soon..


Cutaneous Porphyrin Lab

Detailed information will be available soon..

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