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A referral to us 
is easy and
most welcome. 

  • Step 1 Write short essential information including your patient's email to us 

  • Step 2 Our response is expected within 98h in working days 

  • Step 3 In the mean time, your patient may be advised to register with the hospital 

  • Step 4 Arrange and provide your patient a referral with national health care support to us. 

  • Step 5 Advise your patient to carry the referral to us only on the date and time as we suggested. 

  • Step 6 We will keep you updated on your patient's progress if they are under our care. 

By Appointment only 

Public service

General dermatology clinic
Monday 9.30-12.00

Private clinic

Private clinic at KCMH
Monday 16.30-20.00
Thursday 16.30-20.00

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